All your driving lesson questions answered

by Tim Loftus, Driver Instructor in Holywell

Do I need to pass the theory test before I can start my lessons?

No, in fact its a good idea to learn the theory while you are taking lessons as it can make it easier to understand and remember.


Can a friend or relative teach me to drive?

The DSA strongly recommends that you take lessons from an Approved Driving
Instructor. If your friend or relative teaches you they must be over 21 years old, and
have hefd a british licence for at least 3 years.


How often should I have lessons?

That’s entirely up to you, we recommend at least t hour per week. but some like to do 2 hours or more per week.


What do I need before I can start driving?

You need a Ptovisional licence,. you can use form D1 and 0750 (available from thepost office). Or if you have a chipped passport you can apply on line and they will use your passport photo and signature. The minimum age that you can start to learn on public roads is 17. unless you are disabled and in receipt of mobility allowance then the minimum age is 16. Until! you have passed your test you must be supervised.


How can I tell if my instructor is fully qualified?

All fully qualified instructors must display his or hers Approved Driving Instructors badge (Green Card) in the wind screen of the car. A green badge shows they are fully qualified. .A pink badge shows they are training and haven’t yet passed all of the exams. All of our instructors are fully qualified.


Do examiners only pass so many per day?

No, if you meet the standard then you will pass